Sup guys! I hope you guys are still surviving well. I know I have not been updating my blog for yearsssssss #$@!... alright stop nagging at me. I know I know.

2016 can be considered as a disastrous year for me. Nothing works for me, obstacles come to me one by one, what is real what is illusion I couldn't differentiate anymore... In short, it's a badass year for me.

It's a wrap. Few more days and our favourite magical season will step into our heart. 2016 will end soon and how I wish it will vanish. (Ms. Carey's Vanishing on the radio) You're vanishing, drifting away.... *puff* Oh, thanks Cinderella's fairy godmother, but that's not gonna work for me. I know my dear Time is working very hard, ticking all those sorrowful events away from me. Thanks my dear.

2017 is approaching and I hope it will be prosperous year for me, with few to no obstacles in whatever I wanna do. A brand new person where no one will take that bright light away from me. They can try, but they can't take that away from me.

My current mood. Hmm, let's see. I will try to explain in a way where you guys can understand. Alright..... PMS like some emotional grannies but still able to joke around if I feel like to.

Am gonna change my songlists which include inspirational and motivational songs. Also, am trying to compose an inspirational song too. Writer's block. Oh well.

For heaven sake, really it has been so long.

Ah, well, I guess I really did take a very long rest from this very own blog of mine. Well, bloggy, let's hug for a little while. {hugs}.

Life has to go on, even though what you experienced may or may not be happy. Those which are happy moments, well we could just keep it as good memories. Those which are unhappy moments, try to find out what are the mistakes. Be sure to learn from mistakes. But then most importantly, don't be attached to all the emotions. Middle path sure will help ya!!! :)

What can I say about life??? Hmm, to me, life is about learning, gaining knowledge. Life is not a race, a competition. I do agree and always love Kyle Landry's sentence: (Listen), Practice, Learn and (Perform). Right here, I will improvise the sentence a little, to be: Cultivate, Practice, Learn and Show. For the last word, show means show good example: Think good, speak good and do good.

Have you ever wonder why some people can be so loveable and yet some are just so hateable? Just a one, simple word - attitude. Some may always want others to change, but they didn't even think that actually they are the problematic ones. Change yourself!!! Don't even think of changing others' attitude. One day, when others see there's a great change in you, they will eventually change their attitude towards you!!! What a magic huh!! :D

Smile and be happy!!!

P.S: In case you do not know who's Kyle Landry, he's a talented pianist. Search for him on Youtube. I found ma interest on piano back only because of his playing!!!

'Are you going for badminton on Tuesday?' 'Erm... See first/I'm busy/Not free.... '

Well, always, our badminton session will be either 5 or 6 people. And sometimes, the session would be cancelled off because there were not enough of people. I invited my friends till I would expect the answer, sorry I'm not going.

And something happened yesterday, it was the first and last time I ever saw this scenario.

When I went to the badminton court, it was merely empty. For awhile later, I saw Shawn came. At first, we were waiting for the others outside. I called shee leng, the can't-wake-up gal. I waited for her to pick up my phone call and I got the answer,' Sorry ya, just woke up, will come now.' I was having the expression of =.=

So, while waiting for those who loves to come later, shawn and I were busily putting up the net and started playing. Later, Jing Xiang came. 2 against 1. Followed by Chen Chang and quite a surprise that Shawn's friend came too( of course he's ma friend too but I do not really know him well.) Shee leng and Sheue Lin came after that. Finally I had the chance to meet her, because she's the one who always reject my invitation. hahahaha. AND FINALLY, THE MAIN ACTRESS CAME!!! YI PHING!!! For almost 1 year I did not have the chance to meet up with her.

We played from 10 am to 12:30 pm( our usual badminton session was only 2 hours, so since this is the last badminton session of this break, we decided to make it longer). Had a great chat with Yi phing, Shee leng, and Sheuelin. Chatting about university life, form 6 life and funny jokes.

Well, after the orientation camp, I can only meet up with yi phing in the end of july as all of our friends have gone back to their own university by that time. Nevermind, we can go to school together to get my magazine and as well as meet up with some of the teachers to crap again. maybe? hahaha.

Waiting~ Waiting~ Waiting~~~~~
Finally, someone asked me whether wanna go out yum cha. 'What time? When? Where?' will be my usual questions. As usual, once the form 6 gang meets together, it will be a total havoc. This is because..... Noises will be everywhere, don't care where and when, just keep chatting and laughing(loudly)... seriously.

Well, not to my astonishment, when I reached 1 Station, there were noises and I even can guess where my fellow friends were seating even if I were asked to close my eyes. :-D And the noises of laughing got even louder when I was there. Talking here and there, the people there must be wondering we this group of people were crazy like hell. I don't deny it, really. Since last time, well, the appropriate one will be when I was in form 6. Our class, U6D was famous of making too much noises as well as crapping with the teachers. Sometimes, we even make the teachers themselves laugh like hell. Kinda miss the time when we all were together, even though the number of students in that class was small, around 11 in a class. hahaha. Still remember there was once where our banana friend(people who do not know chinese), yi phing, when the clock struck 13:05 pm, and she shouted 回家咯 means go home, everybody got stunned and looked at her. A sudden silence, and a few seconds later, silence was covered and laughter broke out. Funny right? Hahahaha. Those were the days when we were having lots of fun.

I reached about 13:30 pm and we chatted till 15:00 pm. Actually we planned to go for Karaoke session, but since many wanted to go home, and the plan had to be cancelled. And everbody leaded their own way to home, including me. That was Friday.

I thought I would not have any singing session, and suddenly pop-up chat from my friend at facebook saying that there would be a singing session on monday, and I asked the same old question again and again. She said they were unsure of it. Oh nevermind, I thought. Unexpectedly, the next day, I received a message from my friend saying that they will be singing on that day. YEAH!!! OK FOR SURE, as singing was my interest. We had our singing session at Rex Box from 14:00 pm till 17:30 pm (we did some tricks as the last song that we chose was a long one)
FYI, it was supposed to be 3 hours.

After the K session, we chatted before we went home and they said they haven't met up with some of our friends during form 6. So they had decided to have a yumcha session on wednesday. Ok, that's all for it!!!

I'm back home, once again. Happy, because I can eat a lot of nice vegetarian food in Malaysia compared to Singapore (that small place..... sigh.....speechless).

Once I'm back home, my badminton day will continue once again. I'm waiting (patiently) for Shawn to be back ( please be fast, my hands are itchy) :D , then V, S, JX, me and other friends can go play badminton AGAIN.

I'm looking forward to my next semester, which I will be having biostats. Although my results drop, but still I will work harder to get a better results. I won't hope for a high CGPA anymore, will just try my best. Once there is a high expectation, the disappointment will be greater. So, JUST WORK HARD!!!

Oh, hall allocation results was released. Few days ago, there were rumours saying that the general cut off points is 17. Everybody was saying SAO = stupid admin officer instead of student admin officer. LOL!!! In the end, the rumours were true and many people did not get a place, including me, as most of us allocate only 16 points. =.= So, what to do now? Just wait for the second round! Be patient! :)

A message to myself: Be positive! :D

I remember vividly, the very first time I step on the very land of Singapore, I told myself, I CAN DO IT! BECAUSE, I BELIEVE I CAN FLY~~~ zzz... l~a~m~e~ Since then, I thought I could get a good result because my interest is in biology (BIOLOGY, not any other subjects).

But why now I just feel that the boy whom his heart was once full with fire, was once being called 'intelligent' , lost. Now he just feel that he's just a normal guy with normal brain. Whatever, yesterday the results were released. I though I could WOAH with a happy smile on my face........ Ended up, it's a HMMMMM..... with no expression(maybe with a forceful smile... no... dead smile.)

German left me with a B+. I knew that paper was difficult, but is it because of my expectation was too high towards it? Everytime I will raise up my target, and ended it will be a disappointment. But to my surprise, my biochem got an A. Maybe because it is a full written paper. Compare to a full written paper with a paper that consists of written and multiple choice question, I rather choose full written paper. Maybe I love writting more??? LOL!!!

No longer I'm like in form 1 to 6, where results are announced, will quickly compare the results with my friends. In Uni?? lol... Don't compare!!! You just need to compare with yourself. :)

I will give myself a chinese proverb.锲而舍之,朽木不折:锲而不舍,金石可镂.
P/S: Thanks everyone for comforting me... :-)

Packing is definately a tiring job. But seeing a messy and full-of-things room to a clean and empty room, there's a voice inside my head saying(Eh, This phrase is from THE CLIMB!!!!), 'PROUD OF YOURSELF MAN!!!' lol..

I have 6 bags and a few big plastic bags. Bags which contain supplements, T-shirts, books, shoes and electrical things. Guess which of the following content I would have abundance of it? .................. T-shirt!!! Can you believe it?? Yes, you should believe it!!! hahaha!!! I have 3 bags containing T-shirts and jeans, 2 bags containing books and 1 bag of supplements. :)

Today will be my final day writing this post in this room, Hall 4, block 22, room 450. hahaha. My roomie had moved out yesterday, so leaving me alone in this room since yesterday and till now. Sooner or later, this room will be empty due to my absence from 4 pm onwards.

Ok, gotta bathe now cause gotta return the txtbook to my senior... LOL... Although I should have returned it to her last semester, I did not return it because I'm PRO ( not fessional, but CRASTINATOR!!! This can be found in my FB post, kindly go and LIKE it) :) jk jk jk...

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